2019/ 16 min./ 3d animation/ Romania
Directed by Sergiu Negulici
Produced by Aparte Film and Reniform Production
Producer: Adriana Ionică
Script: Sergiu Negulici, Ioana Nicoară
Animation: Sergiu Negulici, Ioana Nicoară, Vadim Ciocazan, Matei Monoranu, Cristina Pîrvu
Music and sound design: Victor Popescu

Sinopsis: A boy and a girl have an unspoken dialogue made out of pieces of
archetipal memories.

About Sergiu:
Sergiu Negulici was drawing as a kid and his parents took him seriously. While studying sculpture at Bucharest Fine Arts University, he started working in the first post production studio in post ’89 Romania, where he became part of the new wave of digital artists working in advertising.
18 years later he was given the chance to coordinate a small team for part of Anca Damian’s „Magic Mountain” animation feature. His work since focused more on animation movies and “The Blissful Accidental Death” (2017) was his first film, being awarded at festivals like Annecy Animation
Festival, CINANIMA, Animateka, Anim’est, Molodist Kiev, Hiroshima Animation Festival, etc.
He is currently coordinating a team of young animators in his studio, Reniform Production, and “Numinosum” is his freshly released second short.

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